Mt. Pleasant After School (MPAS) is free to all participating students; it operates Monday through Friday from the time school is out until 6:00pm, it’s built around three central components: Homework Center, Enrichment Classes, and Physical Activity & Sports Programs.

Homework Center:
Every student is required to participate in an hour of academic programming at least four days a week.  During the homework period, students receive assistance from MPAS staff at a 20:1 ratio.   Instructional supplies are provided to assist with homework completion. Additionally, MPAS staff has access to the school district’s parental Internet viewer – allowing them to monitor homework assignments and completion rates as recorded by each student’s teacher.   For students who finish their homework early, Mount Pleasant After School provides academically enriching activities and self-paced supplemental curriculum for students to further improve their core academic skills.

Enrichment Classes:
Enrichment classes are offered in six to eight week sessions and are similar to “electives.” At our elementary sites, students rotate through all the classes offered by the staff. At the middle school site, “showcasing” happens the week prior to the new session where staff members present their classes to groups of students and students sign up for the classes that most interest them. The Site Supervisor ultimately places students based on their attendance and behavior. At the end of each session there is a Culminating Event, a gathering where school faculty, family, and friends can see what students learned throughout the session, usually in the form of performances and/or a recognition ceremony. Each class aligns to at least one California Academic Standard, addresses multiple intelligences, and the 41 Developmental Assets. 

Physical Activity & Sports Programs:
In addition to all students completing the Healthy Life curriculum, which teaches healthy eating and living habits, each student also participates in regular, structured physical activity throughout the week.  Outside of this program, we take part in beginner sports leagues for elementary students and competitive sports leagues for middle school students.  Participation in the sports programs is voluntary. We see these activities as vital to our program model, providing participants with the recommended amount of exercise they need each day while reinforcing their listening skills, sportsmanship, teamwork, and self confidence.

Enrollment Guidelines

1st Priority - Foster care youth enrolled at the school
Note: If a new foster care student enrolls and MPAS is full, they will be put on a waiting list and will be moved to the top of the list.

2nd Priority - Low social ecoomic students and English Language Learners with Academic needs.
Note: Identified students will be invited to an early registration, the District with be notifying the students.

3rd Priority - Open enrollment for available spots.
Note: All interested students can apply; students will be taken on a first come basis.

Open Registration for all Schools (Mt. Pleasant, Robert Sanders, Valle Vista, Ida Jew Academies, and August Boeger) will be take place at August Boeger Middle School on the following dates:
- Dates to be announced.

For more information go to the District MPAS Link.