Ms. Gilman, 7th Grade CORE and 7/8 ELD

Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Nina Gilman-Cama

Bula! Hello! Aloha! My name is Mrs. Nina Gilman-Cama (pronounced "Thama").  I got married this July and then we went on a Hawaiian Honeymoon Cruise! It was a dream! We went hiking through the rainforest, we took a small speed boat over to the area where we went snorkeling, and we zip-lined over three waterfalls! We look forward to going back again. 
My husband, Isikeli (Keli for short), was born and raised in Fiji. I have really embraced the Polynesian culture and "Island Time" because of the overall message to love life and enjoy it. I was born and then adopted from Mexico City. I was two months old when the adoption was finalized. My brother was adopted from South Korea at six months old, when I was about a year and a half. My parents were born and raised on the east coast. I could not have done any of it without them. I am so blessed to have their unconditional love and support. 
2016-2017 will be my fifth year teaching 7th grade Language Arts, Social Studies, and my second year teaching 7th/8th ELD. I got my BA in Child Development, from SJSU. I earned my Teaching Credential from National Hispanic University (RIP). I knew I wanted to be a teacher during my junior year in high school. I won a school-wide award for my help with a second grade classroom, at an elementary school in the community. I absolutely love and enjoy my job here at August Boeger and look forward to each year as it is always so rewarding. Thank you families for being you! 
GO BOBCATS!!!  #MusicSavesLives  #PeaceLoveMusic
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