About Me

I am excited to be returning to August Boeger Middle School this year. I have been a teacher for 10 years and I taught 7th grade Core at August Boeger from 2007-2010. I grew up in the Mount Pleasant Elementary School District, so I highly believe in our District and I am committed to our community.  

I feel it is important that we have a partnership in the educational development of your children. In order to gain your confidence, I would like to give you my educational background and philosophy about education. 
I attained my B.A. from Columbia University, my Masters in Public Health from San Francisco State University, and I am currently working on my Masters in Educational Leadership from Santa Clara University. 

I am committed to providing a safe and challenging learning environment that fosters student engagement and lifelong success. I strive to ensure that all students grasp the 21st Century skills (creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication) that will ensure their success in any career they desire. Finally, I understand students’ resilience, hope, and ability to achieve; therefore, when working with students, I employ a variety of teaching strategies and practices that celebrate these capacities to meet every student’s learning needs.

I will work vigorously to meet students’ and parents’/guardians’ expectations and hope to be in touch with all of you early this school year. I encourage that you take an active role in your child’s learning and contact me should you have any concerns or questions.I look forward to working with you and your children this year. 


Ms. Maurissa Koide
Student Advisor
(408) 223-3770