Ms. Ayala, 8th Grade Teacher

Ms. Ayala
Room 11

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Welcome! I am a 8th grade teacher here at August Boeger Middle School.

In our 2017-2018 School Year we will be covering a lot of ELD and ELA Common Core Concepts. We will be doing a variety of activities, projects, and presentations.

Subject Areas

Each subject taught has a set of California State/ Common Core Standards which lists the skills necessary for students to be successful. For a full list of all standards, visit,

Language Arts / Grammar / Comprehension / Spelling

Pilot Curriculum: Language Arts Curriculum – EL Education           

EL Education is a standard-based curriculum and instruction that links learning to real-world issues.  Through the use of various types of readings, this curriculum enables students to do the following: think critically, analyze, evaluate, and synthesize complex ideas in order to develop a greater understanding of multiple perspectives.  Students will also be able to communicate clearly, write, speak, and present ideas effectively in a variety of media within and across disciplines.

-Argumentative, Informative, and Narrative Writing
-Reading nonfiction, primary source documents, and informational text
-Strengthen/build reading comprehension skills by reading classic    literature
-Oral Presentations

Social Studies
We will be covering a variety of History concepts such as:

-United States History

-Geography/Map Skills

-Project-based learning (Mock presidential election, National History Day, Mock trial)