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7th Grade Life Science

I, Neha Kapil (7th Grade Science Teacher) welcome you to my page. 

About Me: 
   # Master of Philosophy in Botany 
   # Master of Science in Botany 
   # Bachelor of Science 

   # Bachelor of Education 

This is my second year in August Boeger Middle School and I am looking forward for a great year ahead. 


To provide the students a deep understanding of Life Science subject and getting them prepared as per Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).


Holt Life Science

Assessment Methods

Students will be given multiple choice, fill in the blank, true/false, and writing assessments in addition to performance assessments that will include group projects and oral presentations.


Students will be assigned at least one major project per trimester.  Additional smaller projects will be incorporated throughout the school year.


Students will be given all necessary materials to complete their assignments.

Homework Policy & Grading Policy

All student work will be graded using points with rubrics provided for specific assignments.  Some assignments will be in class, some assigned for homework, and there will be some collaborative graded activities.  Additionally, there will be many types of assessments.  About 30% of activities will be graded for completion or participation while about 70% for content mastery, as it adheres to the Mt. Pleasant School District grading policy.    Student work will be recorded as missing (M) if it is not turned in.  This has the equivalent of a ZERO! Students will be given the trimester to complete all missing assignments; however, there is a due date associated with all assignments and all teachers prefer assignments submitted at the due date.  Additionally, students receive Citizenship & Achievement grades throughout the year.

Achievement Grades

A (90 – 100 %) Outstanding Achievement                4.0 grade points

B (80-89%) Above Average Achievement                 3.0 grade points

C (70-79%) Average Achievement                              2.0 grade points

D (60-69%) Below Average Achievement                 1.0 grade points

F (0-59%) Little or No Achievement                          0 grade points

I – Incomplete                                                         0 grade points

M – Missing Assignment                                           0 grade points

Behavior Intervention Protocol

Step 1: Warning

Step 2: Talk outside the classroom/Reflection area

Step 3: Mediation with student and parent (email or phone)

Step 4: Parent sitting the classroom

Step 5: Office Referral & parent conference (face to face with parent/guardian, teacher, and student)

MAJOR OFFENSE (see Step 5)

a.     Fighting

b.     Weapons

c.      Drugs

d.     Alcohol

e.      Robbery/Theft

f.      Threat, Intimidation, Harassment to staff and/ or students

g.     Defiant Aggressive/Profanity to staff

Positive Behavior Incentives

Positive behavior will be rewarded!  So far this year, students have earned “Boeger Bucks” for producing quality work and appropriate behavior.  These are the school-wide tokens that can earn them sweet treats and academic supplies.  Furthermore, students can earn academic “game-day”, lab activities, non-assigned seat days, small prizes/gifts, songs, movies, class parties for being on-task and maintaining a respectful classroom environment.

Contact Me: 
Ms. Neha Kapil 
(408)223-3770 ext. 71223