Ms. Cronin, 6th Grade Teacher

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Ms. Cronin

     Welcome to Room 3!  In this 6th grade class we focus on staying positive, staying on task, and making learning fun. Learning is an adventure, where students get to explore and discover new insights and material to help them succeed in the world. In order to keep the students engaged in the adventure, I use a Classroom Encouragement System.  Some examples that you might hear from your students at home include: Boeger Bucks, Class Points, Brownie Points and Table Points. Class Points help them earn Class parties. 

      Boeger Bucks are a school wide reward system where students receive tickets for following the Three B’s. They can then use the tickets to purchase items from the school store on Fridays after school. Another positive incentive is “Class Brownie Points” which are earned on a daily bases. The Class Goal is to get enough Brownie Points by the Holiday Season in December. If they reach their goal we will have a Brownie party. Lastly, Table Points are earned daily as well. They receive points for good behavior, being prepared, raising their hands, and more. This teaches them to work as a team, as well as keeping each other focused.  All together these systems help me keep my class organized so that the students can put their best efforts into learning to the fullest each day.